Declutter your mind today and try these mini mindful techniques to break up your busy day.

  1. Mindful Walk – Get outside. Ideally go to a park or woodland but if that’s not possible and you work/live in a built up area with little access to nature, just move. Take in the sky, sounds, breathe, feel the warmth or coolness on your skin, taste the rain. Connect with all of your 5 senses and by getting a change of scene you can be more productive afterwards.
  2. Enjoy Some Tunes – Music feeds the soul and whatever music you’re into pop on some headphones and lose yourself in the sounds and words. Even better have a little dance. You never know you might actually make someone else smile at the same time:)
  3. Journal – Everyone loves a new notebook, so treat yourself to anew notebook or sketchbook and write down or draw your thoughts. It’s a great release and the perfect way to make sense of feelings or negative thoughts that might be playing on your mind.
  4. Embrace Literature – Get lost in a good book. What can bet better than losing half an hour to a gritty drama, soppy romance or addictive mystery.
  5. Vision & Dream – Spend 10 minutes making a bucket list, planning an adventure or setting some goals.
  6. Learn – Choose something new that you’ve always wanted to learn and spend 15 minutes or more everyday learning a bit more. It could be a new creative skill, a language, an instrument, or just explore a topic with some online research.
  7. Grow – Bring some greenery into your life and tinker with a bit of urban gardening. If you have outdoor space great but if not, then why not create a windowsill allotment or just a few pots on your desk. Get your co-workers involved.
  8. Mindful Photography – Spend some time on your lunch break using your phone in a positive way. Turn it onto silent so it doesn’t disturb you then allocate some time to just play and experiment taking photos of things that you find interesting. Think about close ups of detail, turn the camera upside down, blur backgrounds, play with filters.
  9. Meditate – Well of course this had to be on the list because it is just so beneficial. Yes it’s not always east in a busy office or home environment but even 5 minutes of deep breath work can reset your brain. As a simple technique think about following your breath as it travels through your nose, down your throat, into your chest and filling your tummy. Then slowly follow it back again.
  10. Smile – When the day is just not going to plan or things are just getting on top of you the last thing you want to do is smile. However ‘fake it to make it’ – by smiling (or even better laughing) you can actually trick your brain to release the serotonin happy hormones. It takes practice but is a great mood lifter.