3 EASY top tips for helping your little ones (or grown up ones) manage their emotions, feelings and in turn overall mental health. Plus they will also benefit you too!

1. Allow Your Child Space
Space from noise, bright lights, visitors, digital connections and anything that over stimulates the senses. This can help them to reset and find calm. It can also help them express their personality or an emotion they are feeling without someone telling them what to play, how to play or how they should be feeling.
This might mean taking a step back and allowing your child to read, build a den, do a nature treasure hunt, paint a picture, build and test out an obstacle course, set them a silly task like invent a time machine or how could you make a pig fly etc. Once they have done their chosen activity, allow them to share with you what they have done, felt and experienced (if they want to).

2. Sensory Play
Not to be confused with stimulation from TV noise, artificial lights, strong perfumes etc that can overwhelm a child’s sensitive senses.
Getting creative is one of the best tools for this and it doesn’t have to have an objective. Simply allowing a child (of whatever) age to explore different art tools, colours, mediums, surfaces (paper, canvas, material and even themselves 🙂 I know don’t hate me for that suggestion), 2D and 3D, scale (huge versus miniature) will give them time to be boundary free, curious and discover new things. The crunch of tin foil, the colourful pastels, the wet and squidgy clay, the rattly beads, the edible homemade paint…all great ways for children to experiment and explore their senses.

3. Nature Nuts
We know getting out in the fresh air does us all the world of good but sometimes the duck pond or local park trip starts to get a bit tedious. How about trying these instead…building a woodland den, go on a nature hunt (you can download simple ones from the internet), create some nature art using leaves, twigs or any found objects, pretend to be animals or mini beasts and make up a story together and act it out, make a home for nature, make a nature mandala, make a wind chime or sun catcher, paint with nature, make a mini rock sculpture.