Why Art in the Workplace?

The MADEby Studio was founded on the core belief that the very act of being creative provides an holistic outlet for people to explore, experiment and relax. The very act of being creative has been scientifically proven to improve mental health and wellbeing such as…

  • Encourages ‘out of the box’ creative thinking which in turn improves problem solving and increases productivity
  • Strengthens relationships to encourage better teamwork bonding
  • Encourages workplace engagement and interaction
  • Will help attract and retain quality employees
  • Will help to increase staff morale and happiness

We are incredibly passionate about bringing art into the community and the businesses that serve them. With a rise in mental and physical health issues in the workplace, employers are now choosing to be proactive in supporting their employees at work to ensure they provide a happier, more productive and thriving environment to work in.


creative team building in the workplace art craft Caversham Reading Berkshire wellbeing


creative team building in the workplace art craft Caversham Reading Berkshire wellbeing


creative team building in the workplace art craft Caversham Reading Berkshire wellbeing brand activation in store retail experiences festivals event decor


creative team building in the workplace art craft Caversham Reading Berkshire wellbeing ART FOR STRATEGY AND INNOVATION leadership shnge management design thinking



In the office, at our studio or virtually…

Choose from a large selection of creative activities that aim to boost employee wellbeing, promote connectivity and communication and keep your team engaged. Whether you opt for an away day, virtual session or workplace event, we supply all the guidance and materials to make your experience impactful and fun.

About our Creative Wellbeing Sessions for the Workplace

Here at the MADEby Studio we work closely with large and small businesses, public and private sector organisations and community groups to design and deliver workplace wellness sessions using art.

We can deliver workshops at your premises or we can host small groups of up to 18 people at our Reading based studio. All our creative sessions are bespoke so we will tailor the art or craft session to your needs i.e. if work has been particularly busy and stressful then you may require a more calming, relaxing creative session. Or if you want to bring a team together to encourage collaboration and positive communication then a more interactive creative session may be required.

The aim of our workshops is to create space away from the normal daily business activity and enable employees to relax and recharge.

We have three options to choose from…

Specific Requirements

If you have any requirements, please use the form below so that we may get back to you with the appropriate information

    What the experts say…

    A government commissioned report ‘Thriving at Work’ carried out in 2017 showed “that 300,000 people with a long-term mental health problem lose their jobs each year, and around 15% of people at work have symptoms of an existing mental health condition.”

    They continued to report that..

    “Our work has revealed that the UK is facing a mental health challenge at work that is much larger than we had thought. Not only is there a big human cost of poor mental health at work, there are also knock on impacts for society,
the economy and Government. Employers are losing billions of pounds because employers are less productive, less effective, or off sick.”

    Approx average cost to Employers
    Approx average cost to Government
    Approx average cost to Economy