Trust me…everyone is creative!

Society tends to categorise people into creative and non-creative types depending on a person’s profession or interests. However creativity isn’t about whether you can draw but moreover a general approach to everything you do.
So what are the characteristics of a creative person?
  • Curiosity – to learn more & see anything or everything as interesting
  • Imagination – the ability to step into someone else’s shoes or another world (including daydreaming)
  • Sense of humour – not taking themselves too seriously all of the time
  • Risk takers – bending or breaking the rules now and again (within reason)
  • Patience – being able to wait for that Eureka moment
  • Excitement – seeing the smallest of things as an opportunity
  • Inspiration – really interested in people and seeks inspiration from a variety of people/places/things
  • Collaboration – always open to work with others on projects
  • Space – to think, experiment & make mistakes!