5 Cheap or free creative ideas to keep the kid’s entertained during the holidays…

  1. Treasure Hunt (works best with more than 1 child) – Get the kids to design and make a simple treasure hunt of the house/garden and hide items around the house/garden. Then swap maps and have fun searching. For older kids cryptic clues could be included to make it more challenging.
  2. Have a Jam Session – Stick on some loud music, get out the pots and pans, or instruments if you have them, and just go nuts! Yes I know it means noise but allowing the kids a short burst of uninterrupted creative music mayhem will allow them space to express themselves and lose their inhibitions. Plus you never know you may end up enjoying it too, as how often as adults do you get to behave like that?
  3. Create a Holiday Diary – A lovely keepsake where the kids can record their memories with pictures, words, drawings and photos. A nice quiet (haha) little project to do everyday.
  4. Make a Smartphone Movie – Nowadays most children have access to a smartphone, ipad or some kind of digital device. How about creating your own family movie. It doesn’t have to be long or edited but perhaps spend some time planning it together and get dressed up. You could even write a simple script if you really fancy it. Then snuggle up on the sofa with some popcorn and enjoy watching your handiwork.
  5. Playful Painting – Ok so it couldn’t be a MADEby post without including something a little more messy. Lol! So to avoid stress do this either outside (if not too cold) or in a room that can be easily cleaned like the kitchen. Have a bowl of warm soapy water and flannels on hand and put the kids in old clothes. In a world with so many rules, pressure to conform and judgments, playful painting is so beneficial to allow kids to express themselves without any inhibitions or boundaries. Simply get the paint out (or make your own), and use body parts, found objects with different textures manmade and natural, to print and paint onto a large sheet of paper, cardboard or fabric. Let your imaginations run wild.