Do you want to add a bit of creativity to your working day?

Then why not start small with a few of these ideas to boost creative thinking…

  • Write (or draw) 1 new idea, moment of inspiration or just something you found interesting everyday. Keep it in a notebook on your desk. Collect articles, photos, objects (manmade or natural)
  • Change habits. If you write your notes usually in a notebook then why not try doodles and informal jottings on a wall, chalkboard, whiteboard, washing line or post it notes.
  • Learn a new skill or take up a new hobby
  • Seek out collaborations with likeminded professionals
  • Take educated risks
  • Question more
  • Attend inspirational seminars or watch motivational speeches e.g. TED talks
  • Try something new
  • Be around more creative people
  • Approach everything as an opportunity
  • Bore yourself until something interesting comes out (write or doodle until something happens)
  • Break your routine
  • Have fun!