Super simple homemade eco bird feeders that you can make using any fruit with a hard skin. The best we found are oranges and grapefruit. However pineapple and melon works well too (if you can scoop the flesh out).

This activity is so easy but such a great learning opportunity too. You could easily set up a bird watching tally sheet and talk about the different species that live in your country. Plus it’s a great time to talk about habitats and what birds (and other animals) eat.

What You Need:

  • An orange or grapefruit (fruit with a hard skin)
  • String
  • Sharp knife
  • Scissors
  • Skewer (or sharp pointed tool to make a hole)
  • A spoon
  • Bird seed

How To Make:

  1. Simply slice the fruit in half ideally with the poles in the centre of each half. Children please ask an adult to help you with this bit!
  2. Loosen the fruity flesh from within the halves and scoop out. Make sure to eat or save the fruit flesh for later to avoid waste.
  3. Then using a skewer or sharp tool make 4 holes about 1cm from the flat edge and approximately equal distance apart. Children again please ask an adult to help you with this bit!
  4. Then cut four pieces of string for each half (so 8 in total), and thread each piece through a hole and tie to the fruit. Gather all four bits of string and tie to a tree branch or somewhere safe for the birds to find.
  5. Fill with seeds and enjoy watching the birds come to feed.

Please note, sharp tools are used in this project so adult supervision is recommended.