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art and gardening for kids club Caversham Reading Berkshire

Welcome to Greenfingers & Gluesticks  – a Kids Club with a difference.

Greenfingers and Gluesticks is all about kids having fun in a mindful, creative and holistic way, whilst learning about the world around us both in nature and art.

We provide a nurturing environment where the emphasis is on creative expression, sensory experiences and mindfulness. We offer a set of 3 educational courses consisting of 6 club sessions (plus a public exhibition), and a summer camp.

About Greenfingers & Gluesticks…



We have three educational club courses, spread over 6 sessions, that progress and follow on from each other during term time:

Course 1: DISCOVER

Course 2: NOURISH

Course 3: EXPLORE

During the courses the children will be introduced to and explore many aspects of:

  • Plant care including; growing, nurturing, reusing & recycling, harvesting and production. They will have a chance to grow, eat, and make art with various plants and flowers.
  • Art & crafts including; drawing & painting techniques, mixed media, sculpture, fundamentals of art, explore famous artists and their work and of course create their own art masterpieces.
  • Mindfulness: An integral part of these sessions is wellbeing. Throughout and at the end of every session, we allow the children time to be still, contemplate, relax and find calm through meditation, storytelling, mini yoga and much more.
  • Every session the children will make, grow or nurture something to take away that day or save for the exhibition.
  • At the end of each 6 week course we curate a special exhibition open to the public where your child will have the opportunity to be proud of and showcase their hard work like a real artist.
  • Each course includes a work book for sessions and optional (fun) homework activities.

Open to children aged 7 -14 yrs old

Find out what to expect on each course below…



Summer Camp

Our summer camp allows children to try out our sessions by attending fun weekly themed workshops. The difference between our summer camp and club courses is that your child can attend one or all of them, as they are open-ended and process driven. Unlike the club courses there is no progression or skills building, just simply fun with art, gardening and some mindfulness activities as well. Every session the children will make, grow or nurture something to take away that day.

Weekly session themes:

  • Week 1: Feathers, Footprints & Fur – Fun with animals and wildlife
  • Week 2: Concrete Jungle – Exploring urban art and nature
  • Week 3: The Weird & Wonderful – Wonky, wobbly and just plain odd
  • Week 4: Natural Forms – A plethora of pattern and colour
  • Week 5: To the Beach – Discovering treasure
  • Week 6: Futuristic – From robots to experiments

To book a session or multiple sessions (discounts available for multiple session bookings) please click here

Open to children aged 7 -14 yrs old





A discovery into:

  • Understanding soil & plants through exploratory activities
  • Basic colour theory
  • Introduction to the seven elements of art
  • Introduction to relevant Art movements & Artists
  • Looking at the world around us using our senses
  • Every session make, grow or nurture to take away that day or save for the exhibition
  • End of course exhibition

Price: £299


(6 sessions plus exhibition)

Starts 4th September 2021




Nourishing the understanding of:

  • Soil and plants through advanced activities and prior knowledge
  • Building on colour theory, techniques & skills
  • Connecting to our senses through observation and evaluation
  • Exploring the why in nature and art
  • Reuse, recycle, reduce
  • Every session make, grow or nurture to take away that day or save for the exhibition
  • End of course exhibition

Price: £299


(6 sessions plus exhibition)

Starts 8th January 2022




Explore further:

  • Advanced planting techniques & knowledge
  • Artists, their creative process & wider influence
  • Ecosystems and micro-climates
  • Creative mindfulness & self soothing techniques
  • Harvesting, preservation & consumption
  • Every session make, grow or nurture to take away that day or save for the exhibition
  • End of course exhibition

Price: £299


(6 sessions plus exhibition)

Starts 26th February 2022


Meet Maddy & Tamalia…

Madeleine Pearce


Gardening Guru

Hi I’m Madeleine. I am a keen gardener, animal lover, eco supporter and a ‘ditch single use plastic’ advocate. I love the outdoors and being with nature. Alongside my love of gardening, I also enjoy hill walking, playing golf and being by the sea.

I hope that our courses will give you an insight into new ways of doing things and spark an interest in making changes to help our planet. Not all of this is for the bigger picture, I also hope that you might have a go at growing your own and experiencing the joy of sowing seeds to harvesting and eating your own produce. I look forward to seeing you at one of our courses.

Tamalia Reeves


Art Aficianado

Hi I’m Tamalia and I eat, sleep and breathe art. As a professional artist and qualified teacher I have had the pleasure of working with lots of children over the years. Fusing the technical skills of art with a holistic approach, I help children to create expressive and thought-provoking pieces of art that promote a healthy mind and soul.

I’m also incredibly passionate about nature and as an avid walker spend a huge amount of time getting distracted by the beautiful plants and wildlife our planet shares with us. In my spare time I like to practise yoga to rebalance and then unwind with a good book. I can’t wait to get crafty with you!

Greenfingers & Gluesticks was born on one of our regular walks together. Our two passions; gardening, growing and self-sufficiency – green fingers, and art, craft and creativity – glue sticks, have been hobbies of ours for as long as we can remember. More recently they have turned into business ventures and are something we not only love but have shaped our lives.

The main thing that has brought us together is the well-being side of our passions. There are so many benefits to putting in time an effort and seeing the rewards within our various fields. From mental wellbeing to actually eating or exhibiting your work there are many takeaways that can help support your mind and body in the day to day.

Bringing both of our passions together has been such a rewarding process and we hope that you find our Clubs helpful, intriguing and that we see you one day on one of our courses or workshops.

These are the Greenfingers and Gluesticks values that we stand by…

Ethical. Being ethical means to have respect for yourself, others and the environment. Upholding values and ideals that create a positive, honest and fun place to be, both here and beyond the studio.

Integrity means to help children understand themselves and their world, process what they have learned in a safe and reflective way and create an environment for them to be authentic and true to who they are.

Curiosity means flexible thinking in an environment that offers decision making, coming to conclusion, second-guessing decisions and evaluating your results. It is about discovery, imagination and innovation.

Confidence means to experiment, to make mistakes and try new things. Our sessions are shaped around open-ended, process driven creative and nature-based activities. This provides the opportunity to experiment and help children express themselves in a multi-dimensional way. We aim to foster confidence in the children in order for them to grow as individual.

Passionate means to stand by something that you believe in. By igniting individual passions, we aim to energise the children to influence change, have an open mind, and just enjoy themselves in truly immersive environment.

Nurturing. Through an exploratory and open approach children can connect over common interests. Based on an ideal of creative calm and holistic activity, the environment promotes a safe space to foster children’ personal and social growth.

We would love to open up our Club to all ages but for now we currently take children aged 7-14yrs

All materials and aprons provided. We recommend children wear suitable clothes for getting crafty.

Unfortunately due to allergies we cannot offer food and drink so please provide your child with a water bottle and snack.

Tamalia is an experienced qualified teacher with full DBS

Maddy is a Girl Guider with full DBS

We both have public liability insurance

Yes, unfortunately we do have a short form to fill out prior to your child attending our summer clubs and 6 week courses. This is so that we are made aware of any allergies, medical conditions and have emergency contact details.

In a nutshell – yes! We have a full programme that can be tailored to your school or organisation whether it is just for fun or curriculum based. Please contact us at for more information.