…You can Grow a Rainbow too!

This is a super quick and fun little arty experiment. It’s not only fun to do but also educational.

What You Need:

  • Washable felt tip pens
  • 1 bowl of water
  • A sheet of kitchen roll cut into a strip

How To Make:

  1. At one end of the short edge of your kitchen roll strip draw lines of colour about 3cm long next to each other to look like the beginning of a rainbow.
  2. Place the very end of the paper strip into your bowl of water.
  3. You should very quickly start to see the colours bleed along the kitchen paper to create a rainbow effect.

How Does It Work?

The kitchen roll is made up of lots of tiny plant fibres which absorb liquids very well, making them great for mopping up spills in the kitchen. As the water soaks into the paper towel, the water starts to move through pockets in between the fibres lifting the dye molecules along with it. The water continues to move through the pockets in the dry paper and so the dye starts to bleed its way along the paper creating a rainbow effect.

We always recommend wearing an apron or old clothes for any crafts.