What You Need:

How To Make:

For this exercise you don’t need loads of instructions. In fact the less instructions the better. Be guided by how you feel, what comes to mind when you start painting and see what comes out when your pen or paintbrush hits the paper.

If you are following the 5 Day Art Challenge then why not create these ready for our Saturday Art Club video on our YouTube Channel

Create 3 pages of expressive painting:

  1. 1x cover the whole page in colour
  2. 1x include pattern, texture or doodles
  3. 1x contain black and white painting, pattern or doodles only

This is a perfect opportunity to introduce Intuitive Art (creating art based on imagination, feelings and intentions), and the Surrealist Art Movement of the mid 1920’s.

Explore the weird, the quirky the surreal becoming real “surreality” (a bit like our current situation in our world today).

Some of the most influential artists created the most thought-proving and imaginative pieces of Art by setting their minds free to delve into dreams, fantasy and feelings.

Many of these artists were inspired by Sigmund Freud the well-known psychoanalyst (a doctor who explore the human mind and subconscious). Encourage your child to have fun exploring drawing or painting their dreams or fantasies. Perhaps even start to use imaginative play and merge the conscious and unconscious to create weird, quirky and surreal becoming real “surreality” images.

Here are 4 famous artists from the time to look at: Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, Andre Breton & Rene Magritte

We always recommend wearing an apron or old clothes for any crafts.