This week for ‘Heartwork Week’ in the MADEby Mini Makes Art Club we are exploring creative calm and mindful making. Plus we are going use all of your made and collected bits to create your very own Surrealist inspired piece of Art – like this image of a painting by Salvador Dali called Lobster Telephone.⠀

So….follow the instructions for each day’s challenge below. Then tune into the video here (WEEK 7) to create your fabulous Creative Collage of Calm to capture your mindfully creative week.⠀

Go on…take the creative challenge!


Find 2 pictures of two items that wouldn’t normally be seen together e.g. here I have a picture of a watermelon and another of an Artist’s dummy (also see previous image featuring a painting by Salvador Dali called Lobster Telephone).

You could cut them out of magazines or newspapers, take a photo and print out (if you have a printer), draw a picture of each object or even write a poem about them.


Pause in your day and take some time to think about creativity and Art. Think of 1 word that can be associated with Art e.g. creative, imagination, calming, freedom etc. It can be anything you like. Cut letters out of a magazine or newspaper, or draw the letters out. Experiment with different styles and sizes.⠀

Optional extra: Find quotes or phrases that express how you feel about Art and being creative in general.


Collect 3-4 images (from wherever you like e.g. magazines, photos, postcards, newspapers, leaflets, adverts etc), that you find interesting. They do not have to be linked in any way. In fact the more random the better. It could be that they have an unusual pattern, colour or shape, they could make you laugh or think, or it could just be something that stirs up some kind of emotion inside you.⠀

For instance in this picture I chose the crumpled ball of paper image because it made me think of all the happy mistakes I’ve made in being creative. I chose a little bottle of green salts because it reminded me of making imaginative potions. I chose the green plant image because I loved the texture and movement it expressed to me. Plus it felt like the little green fingers were all alive like little worms, popping up to say hello.⠀


Explore nature and the outdoors. Mindfully walk around and listen to the sounds, smell the flowers, take in all the colours and patterns of your surroundings. When you find something interesting that can act as a memento of your experience collect it (as long as it is not animals or wildlife). Ideally you want 2-3 items that can be glued to your collage e.g. an unusual leaf or a pretty flower head.


See the blog post about Intuitive Painting here

In aid of Mental Health Awareness Week we have dedicated this week’s project to mindful making. The 5 Day Challenge is all about slowing down, taking time to see, think, smell, touch and just be present in the moment.

Inspired by the Surrealist Art Movement of the mid 1920’s, we want to explore the weird, the quirky the surreal becoming real “surreality” (a bit like our current situation in our world today).

Some of the most influential artists created the most thought-proving and imaginative pieces of Art by setting their minds free to delve into dreams, fantasy and feelings.

Many of these artists were inspired by Sigmund Freud the well-known psychoanalyst (a doctor who explore the human mind and subconscious). Encourage your child to have fun exploring drawing or painting their dreams or fantasies. Perhaps even start to use imaginative play and merge the conscious and unconscious to create weird, quirky and surreal becoming real “surreality” images.

Here are 4 famous artists from the time to look at: Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, Andre Breton & Rene Magritte

So even if you just spend 5 minutes a day dreaming, fantasising or exploring creative ideas, embrace the moment. It is so incredibly enjoyable and beneficial to your mental and physical wellbeing.

We always recommend wearing an apron or old clothes for any crafts.