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Tamalia Reeves
Tamalia ReevesMADEby Founder & Resin Artist
Hi I’m Tamalia, I set up the MADEbyTamalia Studio as a little craft sanctuary in Caversham. I’m incredibly passionate about sharing arts and crafts with the local community to help improve wellbeing and will often be found involved in many other local wellness or environmental events.

As well as running arty workshops and events I also specialise in making my own eco-resin homewares and personal accessories. Some of which I even teach in the Studio!

When I’m not in my studio making or teaching, I can be found tackling another DIY project, immersed in a good book or unwinding with some yoga, all supervised by my trusty apprentice Percy (a rather naughty tabby cat).

Ruth Martin
Ruth MartinArtisan Candle Maker
Hi I’m Ruth from Cucumber Wood Candles in Caversham. I’ve been making candles since 2016 and I hand-pour candles in small batches using simply natural soy wax and essential oils. I’m passionate about creating new and seasonal blends.

Caring for the environment is important to me, containers can be re-purposed, recycled or returned to me to be reused. Plus I use hand-stamped paper bags and offer calico bags for gift purchases.

In the lead up to Christmas you will find me at various markets. At other times, I am in my workshop at Field & Hawken in Reading, making candles and drinking tea! I live with my husband and 3 children and a menagerie of their animals!

Kate Cullum
Kate CullumTextile Designer
Hi I’m Kate, I am a textile designer and have worked in the industry for 18 years. I left the corporate safety net about 8 years ago to work freelance and now have my own textile business making products for the home with a focus on sustainability and using British manufacturing & suppliers.

One of my biggest passions in life is Yoga, I have been practicing since I was a teenager and trained to be a teacher 4 years ago. I teach 4 classes a week in Reading and love seeing my yogis grow in strength & confidence. I love the balance yoga and art bring to my life and want to share the benefits with anyone who will listen.

Claire Podesta
Claire PodestaContemporary Abstract Artist
Hi I’m Claire and I paint abstract works in oils or acrylics on canvas and paper. They are multi-layered and textural with bold brush strokes. My focus is on the process of making a painting, which is a meditative intuitive experience where the outcome is often unexpected. The coasts of Britain, the southern Mediterranean and the landscapes of the Chiltern Hills often provide my inspiration. Turner – described by John Ruskin as ‘the father of modern art’ – is a huge influence on my work and I can spend a whole day immersed in the Turner collection at Tate Britain.

Originally from Cambridgeshire and Hong Kong, I now live near Oxford, where I practice from my studio. I received a BA (Hons) degree in Graphic Design at De Montfort University, following which I worked as graphic designer and ran a furniture design business with my husband whilst raising a family. I now work as a painter and also as a graphic designer for my business Pangolinn.

Louisa Andrews
Louisa AndrewsCertified Aromatherapist
I’m Louisa and I’m a qualified aromatherapist and my goal is to help people reduce their toxic load and find balance using natural solutions. I started to use essential oils over 2 years ago now, this has lead me to realise that I have a passion for helping others to find their way to a natural solution whether this is by introducing them to essential oils or offering an Aromatouch massage.

I have chosen Doterra as the company that I work with for a number of reasons. They work closely with the community where they source the essential oils. All their oils are tested to ensure that they pure and do not contain any heavy metals, pesticides and synthetics added. Their philosophy is to help people live a better life while selling essential oils.

Helen Stamoulis
Helen StamoulisHomewares Artisan
Hi, I’m Helen from HoT Creative.  I worked for 20 years as a professional photographer and photography teacher until I started HoT Creative,  making Christmas wreaths and decorations in 2016; after a mouse in our loft destroyed all our family’s decorations, and friends encouraged me to sell what I was making.

The business grew quickly and in 2018 I joined forces with Sophie; together we have expanded the business and launched a much wider range of products and gifts.  In 2020 we collaborated with Albert Frederick Home, adding more soft furnishings to our collections.  We regularly run workshops as I love to teach and to share my love of all things creative.

Jacqueline Winston-Silk
Jacqueline Winston-SilkCurator and Founder of Midrib Plants
Hello I’m Jacqueline, I’m a qualified museum curator with a passion for collecting houseplants. I’ve spent the last 10 years working within arts & heritage, and after a period of furlough in 2020 I established Midrib Plants.

Midrib is owned & operated in Caversham and sells a curated collection of indoor plants and hand-built living terrariums. Teaching & learning is at the heart of museum work, and so I’ve been able to combine my professional skills with my botanical interests to deliver plant-based workshops.

Join Our Team
Join Our Team
At the MADEby Studio we love to be able to support our local creative community. We are always on the look out for super talented creative makers, crafters, artists and artisans who want to share their incredible skills.

If you fancy running a workshop in our Studio then why not get in touch. We absolutely love to collaborate with other creative minds so we can encourage more people to catch the crafty bug, learn a new skill or just have some creative fun.

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