A Crafty Sanctuary


In a world that is so frantic, so digitally connected, so often full of stress, we often find ourselves making little time to reconnect our minds with our body and soul. Sounds a little ‘out there’ I know, but actually it’s so important.

Since leaving University I had worked as a Primary School Teacher and a Graphic Designer – but I was never truly happy. I crammed as much crafting, art and DIY makes into my evenings and weekends but it never felt enough. Slowly as life started to get in the way, my passions started to be put aside for another day. After facing an incredibly difficult time in my life I turned to my Yoga to help me find balance, calm and inspiration. Freshly armed with the realisation that I wanted to live a more creative, mindful life I decided to create MADEbyTamalia – A colourful, warm and welcoming space, where others could escape the rat race and indulge in some well deserved creative ’me time.’

MADEbyTamalia is very much a creative space but that doesn’t mean it just for ‘creative’ types. It is about bringing community together. About reconnecting with people, whilst doing something holistic that’s beneficial to your wellbeing, as well as helping you learn a new skill.

Allowing yourself time to be creative has been scientifically proven to help with mental health. It gives you purpose. It allows you to express yourself in a non-conformist way. It opens your mind to new ideas. It connects people, whilst also allowing time for self-reflection.

Why not see for yourself…come and let your mind wander, experiment and unleash your inner artist over friendly conversation in one of our creative workshops.

“The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before.”

Neil Gaiman