Facilitated by artist photographer and mindfulness practitioner Sarah Salmon this workshop gives participants an opportunity to discover the wellbeing benefits of using our camera lens as a tool for bringing our attention gently into the present moment. Any camera can be used from phone to tablet to SLR and no prior mindfulness experience is necessary.

In this workshop…

You will be guided in allowing your eyes and your lens to assist in your slowing down so that the visual details of the present moment can be observed with a sense of playful, non judgmental, curiosity. When we start to experience our present moment in this way the worries, preoccupations and chatter of the mind appear to quieten, the calming aspects of the nervous system are stimulated resulting in the relaxation of muscle tension and healthier functioning of our physical systems such as respiration and digestion.

Our sleep quality can improve along with our overall quality of life. When we regularly practice slowing down and really seeing the details of our world we can feel more connected to life, more at home; noticing the beauty that surrounds us daily can offer us a fresh perspective and evoke a deep sense of gratitude and wonderment which uplifts the spirit and benefits our whole being.

N.B. Whilst Sarah can offer some technical and compositional advice if required this workshop does not focus on these aspects of photography, therefore at least a basic knowledge of how to use your chosen camera is required.

Booking details

When: 18th August from 7.00pm until 8.30pm

Tickets: £20 per person

Please bring:

A camera of your choosing with plenty of memory space available, remember to charge it beforehand!
Appropriate clothing for whatever the weather as we will be exploring both the indoor and outdoor environment. Read more about our Sarah on our Master Makers Page >

Please note strict hygiene rules will be in place and all drinks are served in paper cups. Ideally we recommend children bring their own water bottles. Thank you for your understanding. For more info on our COVID safety protocols click here

August 18 @ 19:00
7:00 pm — 8:30 pm (1h 30′)