A special workshop celebrating World Creativity Day at the Now Building in Thames Valley Park, RG6 1WG

Come and join Tamalia from MADEbyTamalia & Creativ.Spaces, for a calming session of mindful making. 

In this session you will create a beautiful mini incense holder made from a special eco-resin. This particular resin is used by Tamalia in her own art sculptures and is non-toxic and VOC free.

• First Tamalia will show you how to mix the special eco-resin and create different techniques such as terrazzo, marble and a layered effect. 
• You will then create your own mini pot to your chosen style
• Then you will sand and seal your pot
• Finally you will add special fine sand and be given some Sandalwood Incense sticks to take away with you and burn in your beautifully unique mini incense pot

Aprons will be provided and latex free gloves are available should you wish to wear them

Why Sandalwood?

Not only is Sandalwood an incredibly gorgeous aroma but its sweet, soft scent induces relaxation and calmness, and promotes positive thinking, clarity and aids concentration. Perfect to burn before going to bed to promote a comfortable and relaxing sleep. Or before you start your day or an important task to bring good energy your way.


21st April

12.00pm – 12.45pm


£12.50 p/p (included entry ticket)


Now Building, Thames Valley Park, Thames Valley Park Drive, RG6 1WG

Tamalia Reeves: Sculpture & 3D Artist

Tamalia Reeves is a sculpture & 3D artist, who runs an the MADEbyTamalia & Creativ.Spaces art studio alongside her mother Sue Reeves, a watercolour artist, in Caversham, Reading.

Tamalia is incredibly passionate about sharing arts and crafts with the local community to help improve wellbeing and will often be found involved in many other local creative, wellness, environmental & charity events.

Although Tamalia is a multi-disciplinary artist, her focus for her own art is abstract sculpture inspired by nature and the environment. She creates tactile, organic sculptures out of man made substrates like resin, concrete and plaster. She then combines them with natural entities quite often found or foraged over years of adventuring. Passionate about the environment, leftover materials from the studio and her home are never wasted but make their way back cast into new sculptures.

When she’s not in her studio making or teaching, she can be found tackling another DIY project, immersed in a good book or unwinding with some yoga, all supervised by her trusty apprentice Percy (a rather naughty tabby cat)

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April 21 @ 12:00
12:00 pm — 12:45 pm (45′)

Thames Valley Park