These suncatchers are great for using up leftover glue and are so easy and quick to make, but super effective.

What You Need:

  • Leftover PVA glue
  • Food colouring (the liquid version works better the gels but you can thin the gels with water or alcohol – ahem parents must supervise this!)
  • A plastic lid (from a jar or tub), or plastic packaging
  • A cocktail stick or similar thin stick

Makes 12 colours

How To Make:

  1. Pour a layer of glue into the plastic lids (it doesn’t have to be really thick). Make sure to cover the entire lid surface.
  2. Add a few drops of each food colouring to the glue.
  3. With a cocktail stick (or similar) gently swirl the colours around to create a marbled effect. Try not to do it too much otherwise it will be just be brown.
  4. You could also at this stage add a bit of glitter or we tried using an old eyeshadow powder. It gives a lovely shimmery mystical effect.
  5. Allow to dry. Depending on the weather the glue can take a few days to dry.
  6. Once dry peel off the lid carefully. Punch a hole, hang up in the window and enjoy the sunshine picking up the beautiful psychedelic colours.

Please note we cannot guarantee the colourings will not stain clothes or hands so always best to wear gloves, an apron & old clothes.