A fantastic article about the impact of creativity on your wellbeing…

“Even a small amount of creativity can help you cope with modern life, reveals new research by BBC Arts and UCL.”

“Good news for those juggling time-pressures in today’s busy, modern life. According to ground breaking research commissioned by BBC Arts, even the briefest time spent on a creative pastime such as painting, pottery or playing the piano, has an impact on our wellbeing and emotions.

In the largest study of its kind, with almost 50,000 people taking part, the BBC Arts Great British Creativity Test – in partnership with UCL – explored for the first time how creative activities can help us manage our mood and boost wellbeing.

The results are being revealed today as part of the Get Creative Festival – the UK-wide celebration of have-a-go creativity from May 11-19, with more than 1,000 events on offer to the public, either for free or just a small cost.

Led by Dr Daisy Fancourt, UCL Senior Research Fellow and former BBC Radio 3 New Generation Thinker, the Great British Creativity Test research shows there are three main ways we use creativity as coping mechanisms to control our emotions:

1. a distraction tool – using creativity to avoid stress
2. a contemplation tool – using creativity to give us the mind space to reassess problems in our lives and make plans
3. a means of self-development to face challenges by building up self-esteem and confidence

Trying new creative activities is particularly good for our emotions and wellbeing. The research found that getting hands-on with something new and creative is important regardless of skill level, it is the taking part that counts.”

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